JG: We're back from the break and I understand that Vice-President in Charge of the Cruiserweight Division, Les McCarver, has an announcement to make before our next match, so let's see what he's got to say.

GM: This should be good.

"Heaven" by Uncle Kracker begins to play over the sound system as Vice President Les McCarver steps out from the back. Les is dressed in a blue button up shirt and black slacks. There is no real reaction for the the man in charge of the Cruiserweight division. VP McCarver slides in the ring and the ring announcer hands him the mic. The VP stands in the middle of the ring and begins to speak.

VPLM:Tonight, There was suppose to be a breakthrough in the Cruiserweight Division. I had two matches scheduled for this card. Dangerous Dave Darkin vs. The Rock and Roll Kid and a Tag Team match that had Kin Hiroshi and Jesse Falcon on one side and The St. Louis Calabo’s, Deezee’s and Jonathan Davis on the other side. Due to conflicting schedules among other things. These matches can not go on as scheduled. Neither The Rock and Roll Kid or Dave Darkin have shown up in the building, and Jesse Falcon had other commitments that I was unaware of until a few minutes ago.

VPLM: Well to make it up to the fans here tonight, There will be a Cruiserweight match on the card and this match will be for the GXW Cruiserweight Championship. The GXW Cruiserweight Champion, Kin Hiroshi, will put his title on the line against Jonathan Davis.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Kin Hiroshi
"Last Action Hero" - Tesla

Jonathan Davis
"Place to Run" - KoRn

Kin Hiroshi drops the belt at ring side and slides into the ring and catches Jonathan Davis with a thunderous spinning heel kick. Kin stays on the offensive and catches Davis with a Side Russian Leg sweep and hits a Asai Moonsault from the second rope. Kin goes for the cover. One..Two…Kickout. Kin stuns Jonathan Davis with a series of Knife Edge Chops, Causing the challengers chest to welt up. Kin locks on a front face lock and drives Jonathan to the mat with a Front Lay-out Suplex. Kin drops an elbow to the chest of Jonathan Davis and follows it up with a STF. The ref asks Jonathan if he wants to quit, but Davis refuses and Kin lets go of the hold and pulls Jonathan Davis to his feet. Kin hits a standing drop kick that sends Jonathan Davis stumbling into the turnbuckles. Kin charges and connects with a Running Leg Lariat. Kin pulls Jonathan Davis to the middle of the ring and locks on the Jiro-Kin Sleeper. The ref checks on Jonathan Davis and calls for the bell.

Winner: Kin Hiroshi (retains the Cruiserweight title)

JG: Kin Hiroshi successfully defends his Cruiserweight title as V.P. McCarver continues to try and revitalize the divison.

GM: You know, Hiroshi's an okay guy, but he's Eric Davis.

JG: Thank God.

GM: 'EY!

JG: Eric Davis is no longer competing in the Cruiserweight division, so it's a moot point. Up next, we've got more action as Corporation leader, Eric Edwards, takes on Hellfighter in a one-on-one match.

GM: Ugh. No! I can't STAND Hellfighter!

JG: What's wrong with him?

GM: Eh...he's just one of those guys.

JG: Okaaaaaay Let's just...go to the ring.

"The Executive" Eric Edwards
"Money" - Pink Floyd

"Hellfighter" Michael Patrick Shutt
"Dive Over In" - Skillet

Both wrestlers go in for a collar and elbow tie up, but Eric Edwards throws a forearm that catches the larger Hellfighter square in the jaw. Edwards shoots Hellfighter off the ropes and hits a clothesline, Hellfighter sways, but doesn't go down. Edwards bounces off the rope and goes for a shoulder block, but Hellfighter catches him by the throat and picks up Edwards and hits a running choke slam that sends him crashing to the mat. Hellfighter drops a knee on the throat of "The Executive" and goes for a cover.One... Kick out by Edwards. Hellfighter kicks Edwards in the head and then pulls him up to his feet. Edwards fights back and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Both men are down on the ground and the referee starts his count: One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...

Hellfighter gets up to one knee to stop the count. Hellfighter stalks over to Edwards, but "The Executive" throws a right to the midsection of Hellfighter. Hellfighter doubles over and Edwards, from his knee, hits a palm thrust to Hellfighter's throat. Hellsfighter stumbles around the ring trying to catch his breathe and Eric Edwards hits a running lariat that sends both men over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Edwards catches Hellfighter with a DDT, then rolls back into the ring. Eric Edwards comes flying over the top rope with a plancha that sends both men to the mat again

JG: What a move by Edwards!

GM: We may need a paramedic out here. Hopefully for Hellfighter!

Both men lay on the floor breathing heavily, finally Edwards gets to his feet and rolls a dazed Hellfighter into the ring. Edwards grabs a steel chair and climbs to the top rope. Edwards comes off the top rope and places the steel chair under his leg and hits nothing but the mat, as Hellfighter rolled out of the way at the last second. Hellfighter pulls Edwards up and hits a reverse Atomic Drop and then follows it up with a elbow to the downed 'Executive'. Edwards somehow fights to his feet, and knocks Hellfighter to the ground. He then walks over and grabs the steel chair. The referee stands between Hellfighter and Edwards. The ref tells Edwards that if he uses the chair he will be disqualified. JG: Disqualified? This is the GXW. You don't get DQed here. Hellfighter throws the chair down and grabs Edwards' right leg, but Eric Edwards reaches up and thumbs Hellfighter in the eye. "The Executive" limps to his feet and hits a short arm clothesline on Hellfighter. Edwards points to the top rope and climbs back up top, but Hellfighter is up quicker than he can make it to the top rope and grabs Edwards by the throat and drives Edwards into the mat with a thunderous Choke Slam. Hellfighter goes for the cover. One...Two... Three...

Winner: "Hellfighter" Michael Patrick Shutt

JG: A great win for Hellfighter, and one I'm sure he's got to be happy about.

GM: He cheated.

JG: ...cheated?

GM: Damn straight.

JG: Garrett, I beg you...PLEASE get a grip. Fans, we'll be right back!

{Commercial break. Ads for Pop Tarts, Snow White on DVD, and Dark Cloud are shown.}

JG: Okay, we're back, and it's certainly been an interesting night back for GXW, but we've still got 2 great matches to go!

GM: And they include Kevin Powers and Chris Lehew, two of the bestest wrestlers ever!

JG: Bestest? Did you receive ANY formal training before becoming a broadcaster?

GM: Sure. Had to. Not that I paid it any mind. I'm a natural, see.

JG: No, I don't see, but that's besides the point. Up next, Chris Lehew--the man I'm sure Gary Mac would call the "bestest" Television champion ever--will defend his title against Angelus. Well Garrett I'm getting word now that there's a man backstage who wants to say some things we haven't heard from around here in a very long time....Jeffrey Roberts.

GM:  Where the hell has he been?

JG:  I have no idea, but let's go on back to Joey Tyler with Roberts right now....

(Scene flips to Tyler standing with a smiling Roberts. Roberts is dressed in casual attire, the once dark black hair now light brown and hanging ...neatly combed to his shoulders in the back)

JT:  It's been several months since we've seen you in a GXW ring. What've you been keeing yourself up to?

JR:  Well you know, Joey I've been a busy man lately. Re-evaluating my life and my career and I've come to the realization that I've been fighting for the wrong things, you know? Vanity, ambition....and the old desire to simply hurt people. I find I've finally grown past that and have just come to the understanding that it's not about those things but about doing the best that you can and competing against the best in the world in the age old competition of man vs. man in that squared circle.

JT:  I see, well this is certainly quite the change for you after running with the Night Cripplers in the past not to mention the carnage you wreaked on your own here at the beginning of your first stint here.

JR:  Well that's all behind me, Joe. Tonight the real Jeffrey Roberts is back, and I'm looking forward to going out there an watching a hell of a TV Title match and getting a good look at these two fine men....the winner whom I hope to one day challenge for that very title. JT:  I see. Well best of luck to you....back to you guys up front.

(Back to Grant and McFarland at the table)


JG:  What's wrong with you?

GM:  Jeffrey Roberts!! One of my all time favorites....he's...he's...he's Marty Jannetty...

JG:  (Laughing) Well it IS quite a change...

GM:  I can't believe it..

JG:  Well speak of the devil as Roberts is coming down to ringside right now.

GM:  Shaking hands with the fans and signing autographs? Oh my God....

(Roberts shakes the hands of the children he sees in the stands and signs several autographs before finally stopping himself in one of the corners outside the ring and waiting expectantly. At one point he turns and gives the crowd a "thumbs up" signal)

JG:  The new Jeffrey Roberts. Now that's something I'm gonna have to get used to.

GM:  Yeah...me too.

Television Title Match

"Career Ender" Chris Lehew
"Greed" - Godsmack

"Fight Song" - Marilyn Manson

Lehew and Angelus cautiously circle each other at the outset. Angelus turns his head to glance in the direction of Roberts for a moment, which Lehew takes advantage of to charge in with a knee to the gut. Lehew takes aim with several right hands to the face and sends Angelus to the ropes which he comes off of with a flying forearm that shoots Lehew through the ropes to the outside.

JG:  A little fire from Angelus to start things out and Lehew is gonna have to regain his senses.

GM:  Well yeah Grant. He wants the TV Title....wouldn't you?

Lehew walks cautiously around the ring and comes face to face with Roberts who claps and offers encouragement, to which Lehew simply smirks and rolls back in the ring. The two combatants circle each other once again and they locks up with Lehew getting the advantage and backing Angelus into the ropes. Lehew breaks the lock up and lets loose on Angelus with a vicious chop. Angelus fights back and they trade punches in the middle ring, but Lehew ducks the last one and twists into a spinning heel kick that catches Angelus in the chin and he goes down.

JG:  Nice shot from Lehew right there showcasing his quickness. Lehew a little slimmer at 220 pounds than Angelus and that quickness served him well.

GM:  Well there's nothing quite like a good boot to the face if you can pull it off.

Lehew pulls Angelus to his feet and hammers him with lefts and rights, then backs into the ropes and comes off with a hard clothesline. Lehew looks to the crowd and smirks again which brings boos and a quick shot of Roberts sees him shaking his head as if disappointed.

JG:  Roberts doesn't like the showboating and antagonizing of the crowd I guess.

GM:  Which is sort of surreal considering he used to love doing the exact same thing.

JG:  Sorry this is so hard on you.

GM:  Shut up, Grant! One of my heros has become Pollyanna ok? I gotta have a period of mourning here...

JG:  Oh brother...

Lehew pulls Angelus to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He goes for another clothesline but Angelus sidesteps it and on the turnaround superkicks him right in the jaw. Before Lehew can get completely up to his feet, Angelus climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with a missile dropkick.

(A shot of Roberts shows him picking up a ringside chair and sitting in it near the broadcast table)

Angelus climbs back up to the top ropes and nails a 450 splash and goes for the cover...

JG:  Omnisplash!! This could be it! One....two...NO!! arm up at the last second...

GM:  Could've had the title right there...

Angelus pulls Lehew to his feet and sets him up for a twist of fate, but Lehew slumps to his knees and hits a low blow.

GM:  The old tried and true...

Lehew snatches Angelus' leg and spins him down with a dragon screw, then drops an elbow across his throat. and heads to the top rope himself. Lehew comes off with a hard 450 splash of his own and makes a throat cutting gesture to the crowd. Lehew picks Angelus up and whips him into the ropes hitting the Wergeld off the ropes.

JG:  That's gonna do it!! The Wergeld and this one is all but over....ONE....TWO....WHAT???

(As the ref's hand comes down for the three count Jeffrey Roberts reaches in and pulls the ref out of the ring, then simply walks away back around the ring clapping and smiling)

GM:  What did he do THAT for??

JG:  I have no idea. I think Chris Lehew is wondering the same thing and he's NOT happy about it!

Lehew stares at Roberts for a moment then yells for him to get his ass in the ring. Roberts climbs to the apron and gestures s if saying "Me?". Lehew lets loose with a string of profanities on Roberts who looks shocked and confused. Roberts holds up a finger tell him to hold one a second. Roberts goes to the outside as if looking for something then Angelus comes from behind Lehew and rolls him up. The ref goes to count, but Roberts pulls him out again. Both competitors look at Roberts in disbelief, and this time Lehew goes outside toward Roberts.

GM:  I think Lehew has had about enough of this...whatever this...is.

Lehew goes straight toward Roberts who is in the process of putting his chair back in it's spot.

CL:  (heard over the ring mics) What the f*** are you doing?!

(Roberts responds simply with a sudden and vicious chair shot right between the eyes to Chris Lehew. Lehew goes down like a shot and Roberts stands over him for a few seconds. He snarls at him before suddenly seeming to twitch and look off into the distance with a vacant look. He turns around for looks down for a moment then suddenly seems to turn a switch and go back to smiling and walks over to offer to sign something for a young fan in the front row)

JG:  Roberts has levelled the television champion!! What happened to turning over a new leaf??

GM:  I think he just turned it over right on Chris Lehew's head! This is more like it!

Angelus looks on in the ring stunned. He looks at the ref who shrugs his shoulders, so Angelus goes through the ropes and starts laying into Lehew with stiff kicks to the body and head. Angelus rolls Lehew into the ring and calls the ref over to count.

JG:  We're gonna have a new champion...all due to Jeffrey Roberts!

(Roberts sees Angelus try to cover Lehew, then seems to change again and shake his head in disappointment. He stands with his hands on his hips for a moment looking down as Angelus tries to get the ref over to make the count, then grabs the chair and slides into the ring. As Angelus goes to Lehew to cover he spots Roberts out of the corner of his eye just in time to see the metal chair come crashing down over his head, sending him to the mat. Roberts drapes Lehew across Angelusand instructs the referee to make the three count, which he does)

JG:  Lehew gets the three count and the win but both men have been laid out by Jeffrey Roberts.

GM:  How weird is this?

JG:  Very. I'm just wondering if...WHOA

(Roberts suddenly lays into the referee with vicious chair shots over and over until he is still and not moving, then turns and alternately tears into Angelus and Lehew both with the same chair until the chair is practically broken in half from the multiple impacts. Roberts then quickly drags Lehew to a corner and climbs to the top rope and comes off with the Shooting Star Guillotine, holding the knee into the throat as he complete the move and smiling deviously into the face of Lehew.)

JG:  MY GOD, Roberts has snapped!!!!

GM:  This...this.....this..is...GREAT!!!

(Roberts stares down at Lehew seemingly in a trance, then his head suddenly snaps up and looks at Angelus' lifeless form then grabs him by the hair, pulls him up and tosses him over the ropes. Roberts turns back to Lehew and then reaches into his pants to pull out what seems to be a razor blade. Roberts looks around ringside and yells at someone to get him a microphone and for a cameraman to come into the ring)

JG:   Jeffrey Roberts is out of control!! Why isn't someone out here?!?! GM:  I think they're in shock!!

(Roberts goes to Lehew and drives a knee into his throat and keeps it there)

Roberts:  Chris Lehew...you ran your mouth....you made your lame jokes...and here you are....I told you...I told you....that you would have your answer soon.....so shall you have it now....

(Roberts suddenly starts cutting into Lehew's chest, causing him to convulse violently trying to get free, getting him an elbow to the face which knocks him unconscious, as Roberts continues on. When he's done he straddles Lehew and starts wailing away on his face, then goes to bite him on the forehead as Lehew simply lays unconscious.)

GM:  Holy s**t!!

JG:  Uhh...yeah, me too I think...

(Roberts rises to his feet, blood around his face and mouth and the cameraman focuses on Lehew's upper torso where the word "YES" can be seen in red)

GM:  Wait a second! He's the red letter guy?

JG:  He's what? What do you....oh man...you're right...

GM:  I think we're gonna have some problems around here...

JG:  Yeah, I think you're right.

(Roberts tumbles through the ropes backwards then stumbles to his feet, never taking his eyes off of Lehew in the ring as he backs him way up the ramp and through the curtain)

Winner: No Contest

JG: This Television title match is over, but we have no winner!

GM: No, but we do have one HELL of a revelation! Jeffrey Roberts was the mystery attacker all along!

JG: Yes he was, and I cannot imagine the trouble he's brought on himself. I'm sure several individuals are going to be looking for revenge!

GM: Or not. I don't think I'd want any part of that psycho.

JG: We'll see, I assume. Fans, after the break...it's main event time!

{Commercial break. Ads for Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Febreze, and GXW Fallout are shown.}

JG:  We're back, and Joey Tyler has managed to find the suddenly psychotic Jeffrey Roberts backstage...we're gonna go back there for that one right now!

(Scene cuts to Tyler outside of a dressing room)

JT:  (Yelling)Mr. Roberts, can we get a few words with you??

(There is silence...then as Tyler is about to yell once again...an eerily happy yet disturbing voice comes from inside)

JR:  who iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis it?

JT:  (opening the door and cautiously looking inside) Um...it's me Joey Tyler...I was hoping to get a few words with you.

(the door opens and we see Roberts standing over a sink....blood dripping down and makeup running off his face as he washes it off...his hair is drenched wet...and you can see hair coloring that has been washed into the sink...his hair is once again jet black...he turns to look at Tyler and tilts his head down slightly and chuckles lightly with a disturbing smile)

JR:  Words...(suddenly looking to the ceiling thoughtfully)  Yes....yes, I think some words might be useful right now. Which words would you like Joseph?

JT:  Well for one, what is going on with what just happened out there?

JR:  Isn't it obvious, Tyler? Isn't it as plain as the nose on your face? Those two out there.....Angelus...Lehew....(smiling)...the others....it's all a matter of carrying out the plan WE have decided upon....

JT:  (interrupting) WE?

JR:  (swiftly moving to within an inch of Tyler's face) Don't interrupt me, Joe. I don't like that. Why don't you leave?

(Roberts stares blankly into Tyler's eyes as he decides it may be better to leave. Roberts suddenly smiles and walks back across the room)

JR:  You know on second thought, why not come over and sit down? I didn't mean to scare you just then.

JT:  Well I...

JR: (at the top of his voice) SIT!!!!!!!!!

(Tyler moves quickly to sit down on a nearby bench as Roberts makes his way toward the door and flips off the light. Silence.......)

JT:  Roberts?............Roberts?...........hello?.........

(Suddenly there is a growing hum heard in the room)

JT:  Hello?....come on this isn't funny!...Roberts?...hello?

(the humming erupts into a loud screeching and we can hear Joey Tyler scream...after a few moments, the lights come up...Roberts is gone and scrawled across Tyler in red is...)

Silence is golden
Words are few
The end is now nearing for Chris Lehew...


{Back in the arena, "Come With Me" by Deviates cues up as JP walks down the ramp, all smiles.}

JG: And here comes our new Commissioner...

{JP stops midway down the ramp, raising the microphone to his lips as the crowd boos.}

JP: Thank you, thank you. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's a bit disappointed with the outcome of tonight's Television title match, so, being your NEW Commissioner, I'm going to sign a rematch for these two sometime in the near future. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but this is far from the end.

{JP smirks once before "Come With Me" cues up again and he exits.}

JG: Well, there you have it. Chris Lehew and Angelus will meet again at a later date.

GM: Yeah, but will Jeffrey Roberts get involved again? I hope so!

JG: You would...freak. Folks, it's now time for our main event. This match is a rematch from Global Warfare, where Marcus Johnson defeated Kevin Powers to become the GXW champion.

GM: That was so bogus! Powers had just wrestled a match, he was feeling a little over-confident, so he makes an open challenge. Dupree, in all his Team Phenom-hating glory, signs the match right there on the spot and gives Marcus Johnson the shot?!

JG: Well, why not? Marcus Johnson is one of the few men to ever show complete loyalty to Mister Dupree.

GM: Yeah, you know why? Dupree is bad luck.

JG: Oh, WHATever. Let's just go to the ring for the main event. Sheesh.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Title Match

"The Hero" Marcus Johnson
(w/ Tiffany)
"Holding Out For A Hero" - Bonnie Tyler

"Good God" Kevin Powers
(w/ Roseanne Fairhurst)
"Let's Go All The Way" - Insane Clown Posse

Cue up: 'It's Raining Men' By the Weather Girls.

Kevin Powers stomps out of the back with a disbelieving look on his face. Roseanne Fairhurst trails behind trying to calm Kevin down. It's not working, as Powers turns and snarls something at her, then makes a slashing motion with his thumb acros his throat. Roseanne shrugs helplessly then turns and yells at a technician. Powers spies what he wants and grabs a microphone from a technician.


(The music immeadiately stops.)

POWERS: That's right you bunch a losers. You may think that you can make jokes at Team Phenom's expense, but the moment we give you a hard look you're crappin your pants! Oh yeah, we've had a run of bad luck. But bad luck don't last forever. Sooner than later, Ryan will be wearing the Federation title. Sooner than later, Ash is going to pick a belt and own it. Sooner than later... *I* will be the Heavyweight Champ again.

Powers: And all you pathetic punk assed Canadians KNOW IT. Tonight you get to see history. Tonight you get to see 'Good God' start my SECOND run as GXW champ. And there's nothing that 'The Zero' or anybody else can do about it!

(Powers tosses the microphone off the stage in disgust. He stomps down to the ring, snorting and cursing and slapping away the hands of GXW fans as he does so. Roseanne follows at a careful distance.)

Cue Up: 'I'm holding out for a hero' by Bonnie Tyler.

There is a thundering burst of Pyro, sparks exploding out over the stage, and suddenly Marcus Johnson strides out from the smoke and strides towards the ring. The GXW title thrown casually over his shoulder, Johnsons eyes burn a hole through Powers as he approaches the ring. Johnson looks primed, he's pumped up, lightly covered with sweat and his hair is tied back in a neat pony tail. He hops up on the ring apron and steps between the ropes smoothly, abruptly coming chest to chest with the much bigger Powers.

JG: Here we go.

GM: I'll give Johnson credit, at least he's not trying to run from this asskicking.

Powers and Johnson go nose to nose, Powers jawing away at Johnson. Johnson doesn't even flinch. He merely taps the title lightly and smirks. Furious, Powers winds up and belts Johnson. Or at least he tries to as Johnson hooks the arm and hip drops Powers across the ring. Powers rolls back to his feet instantly and rushes Johnson again, but abruptly bounces his head painfully off the mat as Johnson calmly drop toe holds Powers into the matt, then cinches a hammerlock onto Powers still tender arm. Surprisingly quick, Powers scoots away from Johnson to grab a ring rope, forcing the break.

GM: Oh that's just cheap!

JG: What? What's cheap?

GM: He went right after Powers arm! That's just not fair!

The ref drags Johnson off of Powers and forces the champion back. Johnson grudgingly retreats and Powers regains his feet, not quite so eager to rush Johnson as he was a moment ago. Both man warily circle each other and carefully lock up. Muscles pop and strain as the two huge men struggle for advantage. Slowly Powers forces Johnson back into the corner, then starts to pummel him with heavy fists. Powers rocks Johnson four times then abruptly Johnson blocks a punch, grabs Powers by the throat and fires him into the corner. Abruptly, it is Powers that is now being rocked by heavy rights.

Johnson whips Powers out of the corner and across the ring, where Powers smashes into the turnbuckle and staggers back out, only to be immeadiately leveled by a stiff clothesline from Johnson. Johnson grabs Powers by the hair and drags him to his feet, whipping the big man into the ropes again. This time Powers is ready though, he ducks Johnsons clothesline and bounces off the ropes to smash Johnson flat with a big boot to the face. Johnson drops with a heavy thud, and fast as a cat, Powers is on him, stomping away at his head.

GM: C'mon Powers! Show him what wrestling is all about!

JG: He's stomping on his head! How is that wrestling?

GM: Oh shut up you plebian!

JG: Plebian?

Powers continues to stomp away until Johnson rolls out of the ring to get away from the bigger man. Powers attempts to follow, but the ref tries to make him stay in the ring. Powers angrily shoves him aside, and the nslides out of the ring. The brief distraction was all that Johnson needed to recover however. Powers attempts to grab Johnson, but Johnso shoves him away angrily. The two immeadiately begin to start exchanging fists. Johnson grabs Powers and tries to whip him into the barricades, but Powers reverses the whip and smashes Johnson into the steel ring steps with a heavy clang. Johnson groans and claws at the small of his back.

Powers kicks Johnson in the stomach then drags him up. He smashes Johnsons head into the announcers table...

JG: Whoa!

GM: Get out of the way!

... then grabs Johnson and muscles him up over his head in a Gorilla press. A moment later, Johnson smashes down and through the table, wood and monitoring equipment scattering everywhere. Johnson lays on top of the demolished table nearly unconcious, as Powers raises his arms to the sky triumphantly.

JG: Not looking Good for Johnson here. Not good at all!

GM: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Powers hauls up Johnson by his hair then shoves him into the ring. He climbs into the ring grinning, as Johnson slowly tries to get to his feet. Powers kicks him in the head, then yanks him into position for a powerbomb. Johnson spins up into position, then smashes down into the matt. Johnson lays limply on the matt, Powers gloats for a second, then grabs Johnson by the hair. He grabs Jahnson and throws him up over his shoulder to prepare for a powerslam. In desperation, Johnson slides back hooks Powers chin and smacks his head into the matt with a reverse ddt. Powers lays on the matt stunned, and Johnson staggers back and hangs weakly onto the ropes.

JG: Johnsons far from done, Powers shouldn't have gotten cocky there...

GM: What are you talking about? Johnsons whole title run has been a fluke from day one!

JG: Well... oh no! We've got company now!

GM: It was only a matter of time. Team Phenom takes care of it's own

Dan Ryan strides out from the back area. His eyes locked on the ring. As he marches down to ringside, Powers slowly comes to his feet. Johnson immeadiately pounce on Powers, kneeing him twice in the chest, then shoving him back into the corner. Johnson climbs the turnbuckle and starts to rain punches down on powers. Powers takes about six punches to the head and with a surge of desperation grabs jahnson to deliver a vicious manhattan drop. Johnson folds up like an accordian and staggers back. Powers shoves him back further, then boots him in the gut. He attempts to hip toss Johnson across the ring, but Johnson spins, lands on his feet and abruptly locks Powers into a full nelson. He lifts Powers off the ground and delivers a full nelson slam, nearly embedding Powers into the matt. Powers bounces back up, a look of pain on his face.

Both men bounce off the ropes and charge the other. Powers ducks a clothesline, then both men hit the ropes again. This time Johnson ducks a clothesline from Powers, but as he attempts to hit the rope to cross again, Dan Ryan reaches up and pulls down the top rope. Johnson sails out of the ring and hits the floor hard.

JG: No! this is a travesty!

GM: Yes! It's all coming togeather now!

Powers distracts the referee while Ryan does his dirty work. Ryan picks up Johson and bounces his head off of the ringpost. Then he maneuvers him into position and delivers...

GM: Humility Bomb! Humility Bomb! On the concrete!

JG: This is horrible! Johnson is being robbed here!

GM: Johnson is being robbed? Powers was robbed! This is justice! Powers is going to get his belt back and nothing can stop him now!

(Abruptly, every light in the arena goes off.)

JG: Now what?

(Over the sound system, a very old rolling stones song starts to play.)

Keith Richards: I see a red door and I want to paint it black...
No colors anywhere, I want them to turn black...
I see the girls walk by, dressed in their summer clothes..
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes...

(Just as suddenly, the lights flick back on.)

BOTH Dan Ryan and Marcus Johnson lay in semi concious heaps on the floor, but Ryan is busted wide open. Blood streaming down his face. Powers stares shocked out at the carnage, and does not notice the man getting in the ring behind him. The man is dressed from head to toe in black, is wearing a Gemini mask and is carrying a severely battered chair. Powers turns and is imeadiately bashed over the head with the chair. Powers reels back, and then the masked man flattens him with another blow from the chair. The ref imeadiately calls for the bell...

GM: NOOOOO! He was so CLOSE!

WINNER: "Good God" Kevin Powers (DQ)

JG: This masked man is taking Powers to school!

The masked man hammers Powers with the steel chair three more times, until the chair abruptly disintigrates. The masked man looks at the remnants of the chair in his hand and discards it. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a sticker. the sticker reads 'B T P'. Abruptly, he smacks the sticker across the bloody forehead of Powers. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. At this point, the referee attempts to interfere, and is abruptly shoved across the ring. The masked man kneels on the throat of Powers and starts to pummel Powers with the weapon.

GM: NO! NO! Where is security!

JG: There's no security, but here comes Ash!

Ash comes sprinting out of the back and races down to the ring with a chair in hand. He rolls into the ring and takes a swing at the masked man, who casually ducks out of the way and rolls out of the ring. Ash is torn between chasing the masked man and attending to Powers, finally, he kneels to check on his unconcious comrade. Meanwhile Dan Ryan slowly staggers back up to his feet just in time to see the masked man retreating up the ramp. The masked man waves goodbye to Ryan as he goes.

Ryan: You're dead PUNK! Nobody messes with TEAM PHENOM! It's only a matter of time and you're DEAD.

JG: Ryan is furious! Ash is attending to Powers and I don't even think ryan fully understands what just happened here!

GM: I'll tell you what happened! Powers just got SCREWED by some jealous punk not even ballsy enough to show his own face!

JG: fans, there looks to be some interesting turns ahead! But we're out of time here! We'll see you next week!

GM: He was SCREWED! SCREWED! There's no justice here!

JG: We're out of time! See you on Revolution!

{Fade out as Team Phenom gathers their wits in the ring.}